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Quitting ("Dodgeball" scene Featuring Lance Armstrong)

I don't know if everyone has the fond memories of the film "Dodgeball" that I have.  I watched it with a friend of mine in a small shopping area in Venezuela in January or February of 2005 (I think).  Not a single picture exists from that trip...thankfully...and I have only shameful memories to even remind myself that I was even IN Venezuela (Facebook can't get me on that one...haha!).  

Well, I've subsequently gone on to MAKE SURE that there are plenty of humiliating images of me floating around so that they won't seem so scandalous through PURE ABUNDANCE (it's sort of the same tactic that Brittany Spears has used...to lesser effectiveness).  But all of that is beside the point!

If you haven't seen "Dogeball" then you're missing the single best cameo appearance in film history.  Peter LaFleur has given up his chances of winning the dogeball tournament, getting the girl, getting the money, and has decided to just sit at a bar and drink away his sorrows.  He's right in the middle of his third or fourth shot, when Mr. Armstrong shows up and proclaims himself a big fan...

...the rest is priceless.  In fact it leads up to the BEST line ever uttered on film:  

"I once thought of quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung, and testicular cancer all at the same time..."

Hard to imagine how a line like THAT could be turned into a punchline...Armstrong does it somehow.  I could watch this clip again and again...In fact, I think I WILL!

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