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Reflections on a Group Roller Ski

Honestly, I love the roller ski season. Sure you don't get the long downhill runs like you do when you're riding the white stuff. In fact, every time you go down any kind of hill you're weak in the knees as you scan the road for pebbles, twigs, or rutting deer that come bounding out of the wilderness and are apt to do who-knows-what to you!

But the thing is, it's always nice and warm during roller ski season, the courses are endless, and they're always perfectly groomed (provided you find pavement of a relatively high quality).

Steve (second from the right) was chatting away about how roller ski season is great for the big guys because you can just power your way through the day and not have to worry about killing yourself on tremendous uphill after tremendous uphill.

The above picture was taken after a two lap mini race. However, it's pretty difficult to have a legitimate race on roller skis since EVERYBODY seems to have a different brand of ski, and EVERYBODY has a different speed of wheel. As many of you know, I've been having some issues with my Pro-Skis lately, but I kind of fell in love with them again as I went effortlessly gliding past just about everyone else (although...like I said before...I got jittery on the downhills).

Anyway, if you get a chance, get out there and do a 10-15 mile roller ski interval workout with your buddies. Who knows, you might just find yourself hoping that the snow is put off for another month or two!


  1. I'd agree with Steve in most respects except his comment about big guys. When you go down on roller skis, you have to shed a tear for the 1.5 lbs of skin you'll never see again. There are happier ways to control your weight.

  2. My goals when rollerskiing:

    1) Not crash and mess myself up
    2) Have fun
    3) Get fit for ski season

    I find that points 1 & 2 only happen when you trust yourself enough to relax on the rollerskis and stop constantly worrying about crashing... A chicken and egg sort of thing...

    Thanks Mel for your comment!