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RUN TECH: Vibram and the Naked Truth

To celebrate their latest model of Five Fingers footwear, Vibram got creative with a pair of buff naked athletes and features them on a new website.

Vibram Five Fingers shoes have taken the trail running world by storm over the past year or so. This unique recipe of appreciating the body's natural ability to run, technology, and marketing has produced one of the most revolutionary and successful running shoe products in decades.

If you look closely at the above athletes, you'll notice that they are covered in tattoos and art highlighting the body's natural ability to run. Vibram touts that the site "allows to explore the model’s naked bodies for supporting evidence and advice". These athletes are featured on a new Vibram website at YouAreTheTechnology.com in a way that presents them as breathing in a lifelike fashion.

The website recently won the Favorite Website Award site of the day award, further drawing attention to the cause and their new FiveFingers Bikila shoes.

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