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Snow Covers Much of the Midwest!

Saturday brought about ten inches of snow to parts of the Twin Cities. Photo Credit: MPR

Saturday's storm proved to be the real deal, by early Winter Storm standards anyway. In fact, yesterday a new snowfall record was set for the day at the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport of 7.7 inches, breaking the prior record of 4 inches set on the same date in 1997.

Other locations throughout the region saw even more snowfall, with 9.2" falling on Saturday in St. Louis Park, 10" in Forest Lake, 5.5" in Cumberland, 4" in Duluth, and 5.0" in Spooner,

The temperature throughout most of this storm was about 33 or 34 degrees, resulting in a very heavy and wet snow. If temperatures would have been 5 degrees colder, I'd guess that we would have ended up with double the snow fall totals we actually got.

Saturday was a great day to make a snowman (note the Cyclova XC hat on the snowman)!

This heavy wet snow is ideal for Winter frolicking and making snow men / forts. While it isn't ideal for xc skiing, my wife and I did make it out on the golf course for a 45 minute ski last night.

Welcome to the 2011 - 2012 ski season! Long Range Forecasts are still saying that this will be a good winter for skiers!

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