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Taking the Rollerskis out for a Concrete Boot

Sometimes you just feel like throwing your rollerskis into the trunk of your car, driving them out to an abandoned corn field, and beating them to death with a shovel like in "Casino" (except that was with Joe Pesci's head and not 4 pairs of roller skis).

You know you have a skiing problem if you one day pop your trunk and you see the above picture. I mean...even having only one pair of rollerskis is almost not reasonable. Rollerskiing is such a weird enterprise, it's only semi ski like and it has a way too high percentage of causing you great pain (crashes provoked by rocks, twigs, ice, bears).

However, if you end up having like 10 pairs of rollerskis, then there's something truly wrong.

I think the most I've ever had at any one time was 4 pairs. I had my trusty Pro-Skis (which I'm finding are way too fast for an old guy like myself), my Elpex classical skis, my old V2 skate skis, and a pair of Elpex Off Road skis.

Those off road skis were kind of awesome, even though the thought of them is kind of counter-intuitive. You needed a pretty nice trail in order to be able to use them, but we had a trail like that in the Gandy Dancer. Actually, Frank has some pretty epic stories of things like 7 hour off-road roller skiing days. I sold mine when I went down to Peru because I needed an extra $200, but I wouldn't mine doing some off-road roller skiing again...

Wait...nope! No more pairs of roller skis! Those things are crazy, and the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Pssst...but seriously give off road roller skiing a try!

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