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TRAIL REPORT: Elm Creek Opens This Weekend!

Elm Creek is open for business!

Elm Creek Park Reserve officially opened up it's 1k "Valley Loop" for skiing yesterday (11-27-2010).

They've had their snow guns blazing for the past couple of weeks, when ever the temperatures were under freezing and have made a lot of great snow.

They blow the snow into big piles and then push the snow to where it is needed with the Pisten Bulley groomers.

Elm Creek has provided the most consistent, literally world class xc ski trails in the Twin Cities Metro area for the past several years, particularly since getting their snow making system and new Pisten Bully grooming machines (that's right, multiple Pisten Bulleys).

Trail conditions on Saturday morning were excellent machined powder / man made snow conditions with a nice thick base, at least 2 feet thick in all places. You can get out your new and freshly stoneground skis for sure!

Time to get out and do some skiing - old man winter is here early this year!

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