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Troll Hollow Opens for XC Skiing!

An impressive amount of snow at the beginning of the Troll Hollow and bunny hill trails!

Great snow and warm temps on November 6 made it feel like a spring ski day!

The snow magicians at Trollhaugen in Dresser, WI have been hard at work and they have much to show for their toils!

After hearing rumors that both Trollhaugen and Wild Mountain had one open downhill run last weekend, I thought I'd check out the snow yesterday. I was thrilled to find a nice piece of winter tucked away into the St. Croix River Valley!

No sooner did I get home from a rollerski, trail work, and snow inspection and I hear that Trollhaugen will be open Sunday and Monday from 7 - 9AM! They'll want a crisp $5 bill for skiing out there - which is an incredible bargain.

These early season skis at Trollhaugen are great for doing some technique drills. Things like no pole skating, playing around with body position, and of course practicing downhill turning technique are the usual highlights of these early season workouts.

Provided the temperatures continue to freeze at night, we can expect that Trollhaugen will continue to blow as much snow as possible. Generally, the downhill runs are covered first with the Troll Hollow Nordic trails being burried in a snowy white blanket a few weeks later.

Hey, if mother nature doesn't provide us snow around here, at least Trollhaugen will provide folks not going out to the West Yellowstone Ski Festival an on snow skiing option!

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