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The Vest Order is IN!

Hey everybody!

It's kind of a good news/bad news today because...yeah...that's a BILL up there. But the good news is that this is our final order for our vests, long sleeve jerseys and hats!  Thanks to everyone for getting back to me so quickly on this and for helping to make this order happen!

I was actually SHOCKED as to how many people wanted vests and long sleeve jerseys (I haven't even pushed the hats since those sell themselves).  The orders kept trickling in and that's awesome.  Actually we got so many orders that Mt. Borah pushed us up into the next price range with the vests (each unit is cheaper the more units you order).

You can reference above, but the prices are:

Vest: $70
Long Sleeve Jersey: $92.50
Hat:  $25.75  

So send me a check for whatever you ordered.  The address is:

Ben Jonjak
510 N High St.
Chippewa Falls WI, 54729

Mt. Borah says this order will ship on December 3rd, but they've been good about sending us stuff early.  I'll keep my eyes out for it and let you know the moment it arrives!

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