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Vests on the Way--Cyclops 2.21

Hey All!

Another month has slipped us by, but it's been a good month especially for CyclovaXC. October saw us receive our highest ever hit total on the web page! We're still taking baby steps, but any growth is welcome!

Last weekend Frank and I headed out to St. Croix falls to meet up with some of the Osceola boys for a little unofficial roller ski race. We'll probably have some posts/pictures of that for the upcoming days. For now, all I can say is that I'm starting to approve of my Pro-skis again since they were clearly the fastest rolling roller skis that anybody had. Apparently Frank left a pair of fast wheel Marwes in his trunk, so I'll be curious to see how those compare the next time we decide to do an event like this.

As you may know, we've been slapping together an order for hats, vests, and long-sleeve jerseys. Initially I thought I was just going to be ordering five or six pieces, but interest was such that our final order is going to be about 30 items! We've decided to get cycling vests and jerseys since you can use them just as easily for skiing as cycling. The only difference is that you get a couple pockets with cycling stuff, and extra pockets are always welcome.

After our little roller ski race, we stopped off at the Cyclo Cross race they were having in Taylor's Falls. Now that was especially awesome since it had a Halloween theme and many of the riders were racing in costumes. Among our favorites were the riddler (green-man), the maid (eat my dust), and cigar guy (the guy from the Tiger Woods "golf ball in the camera" photo--just do a web search for "cigar guy" if you don't know what I'm talking about). Again, I have pictures but I'm not giving them to you all at once...instead, I'm going to slowly release them over the upcoming month like a hostage situation.

If you are interested in a vest, jersey, or hat, please place your order, but hurry, I'm about to put in the final numbers. Otherwise, enjoy the following articles:

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