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VIDEO: Sky On Fire at Elm Creek!

The sky was on fire last night during my ski at Elm Creek Park Reserve (Osseo, MN).

Sometimes you just can't help but be happy to be alive - and out skiing! Last night was one of those amazing nights on skis!

With the weekend slipping by, I thought that I may not get out on a ski when all of a sudden, I had an hour or so so get out and go. I quickly loaded up the car, got my daughter to the Grandparents (thanks J & K!), and made the drive up to Elm Creek Park Reserve.

I found a great 1k man made snow loop, with the usual amazing base of snow they have there - literally 3-10 feet of packed man made snow! This in itself is amazing for early season skiing on November 28!

After skiing for about 30 minutes, I looked to the horizon and realized I was going to be in for a treat of a sunset. However, I've rarely seen the "sky on fire" as I did - and I had my camera with in my pocket. Not only did a get a couple of great images of the sunset, I got a video of my skiing the 1K Valley Loop with the sunset from many different angles.

Check out the video below:

Video of my ski with the sky on fire at Elm Creek, 11-28-2010.

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