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Wiping Out on Roller Skis!

This is a totally ineffective picture, but it's 10:57 PM and I have to get something whipped into shape for this web site.  What I was trying to show was how my first finger on my left hand has swollen up to the size of a sausage as the result of a particularly nasty roller ski spill that I took yesterday.  I have no idea what I did to wreak havoc on my I was falling I was thinking primarily of avoiding damage to my head (which I didn't avoid completely).  But let me back up and start at the beginning.

Wednesday morning is the day that I wake up at 5:50 AM to go roller skiing with Greg and Kathie.  They're supposed to arrive at 6:30 at the designated spot...but they're always late because Kathie needs her morning coffee (and it just cracks me up that I'm gossiping like this...hehehe).  Anyway, it's no skin off my nose because I just go for a little 20 minute loop or so before they arrive.

You see, Wednesday morning is my big day for training.  I've gotta get my HOURS in, so if I can break it up by skiing alone before my companions arrive and then skiing alone after they have left, it's all the better.

So I was out doing my initial loop at 6:30 when I noticed it had been pretty moist the day before and all that moisture had hardened up into patches of ice all along the path.  When Greg and Kathie arrived, we ended up skiing like people who had only just picked up their skis 20 minutes earlier.  Because of all the ice patches, you couldn't really commit to a long glide, so you were always hopping off one ski to another (it actually makes for a harder work-out).

Anyway, I did my hour with Kathie and Greg (putting me up to about 1.5 hrs on the day) and I figured I might as well round it out and do a clean 3 hours.  So I headed out again hoping that the extra hour of morning light would have melted the trail a little bit.  I was about 20 minutes into my second loop when I got a little overconfident that the ice had melted and I hit a slick patch.  I started to wobble, then kind of caught myself, then kind of glided for a minute, before dropping down to my hands and stomach.  It wasn't that bad a crash since it was pretty slow mo, but it was kind of annoying.

I jumped up and dusted myself off and decided that nothing was out of place, so I continued on.  The sun kept rising and the day kept getting warmer and I wasn't feeling too bad, so...all in was a nice morning.  At my turn-around, I got to see a deer stumble out of the woods in it's rut frenzy (don't wear brown this time of year...).

Anyway, so I was well on my way back, only 15 minutes short of my 3 hour roller ski and it wasn't even 9 AM yet when WACK!  I went down HARD!  There was no time for bracing myself, it was just a nasty belly flop onto a wet segment of pavement like I had just been hit by God's fly swatter.

Back when I was a young pup, I could have just leaped up from something like that, but boy...I'm not that critter any more.  First of all, I think I might have hit my chin because I was seeing those little tweety birds.  They were circling over head going "tweet...tweet...tweet...tweet..."  Then I noticed that my finger was in agony as well as my wrist.  The greatest indignity was that my BELLY was all ripped up (it burns even as I write this now)!  I was wearing my old Riverbrook warm-up jacket, which had accompanied me through countless excursions behind enemy lines and now, sadly has a couple holes worn into the front.  A warm-up jacket will pretty much last you forever until you do something stupid like wipe out on a roller ski while wearing one (sniff...sniff...).

So there I was, wind half knocked out of me, finger throbbing in agony, my stomach burning, and my leg slowly getting wet since I'd landed right in the middle of a puddle.  I just kind of rolled over and sat there feeling miserable and sorry for myself.  The only thing I could think to do was stop and eat the Snickers bar I had brought along ("I'm heeeeeeelpiinggg....").  So I whipped the snickers out and chewed on it while sitting in the ditch, vaguely throbbing in agony.

Fortunately the Snickers more or less worked and the pain more or less went away and sitting here writing this now (a day later) the only real complaint I have is that my finger is a big sausage.  It could have been worse.  But still, wiping out on roller skis sure makes you feel stupid!  I hope this experience doesn't leave me all jittery on the downhills!

Once you start fearing that fall, you're pretty much just inviting it to come and live with you in your guest bedroom for like four months.


I hope it snows soon before I get myself killed!

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