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Anonymous Crash Marks In The Snow

Part of skiing, everyone leaves anonymous crash marks in the snow!

On a recent ski with my wife, I commented that I was still waiting for my first crash of the year on skis (it still hasn't happened yet, knock on wood). We then spoke about how crashing is just part of skiing. In fact, I think it is kind of fun.

Think about it, of all the times you've crashed on skis, how many times have you gotten hurt or broken any equipment? I've definitely crashed hundreds of times on skis and only gotten hurt a time or two, thankfully no major injuries.

My point is, there usually isn't really much to be afraid of when crashing on skis - so just relax! A relaxed skier is more efficient, usually has better technique, and goes faster. Relaxed skiers also have more fun, as they're not wasting all of their energy worrying about not crashing.

When that "snow snake" does finally get you, enjoy the feeling of flying through the air only to be embraced by a beautiful soft blanket of snow. Savor the taste of that mouthful of snow!

Finally, when skiing along, take a moment to appreciate the anonymous crash marks (I also like to call them "butt marks") in the snow. We can only hope that person has as much fun on skis as you do!


  1. I always refer to these marks as snow angels.

  2. AKA sitzmark. A depression left in the snow by a skier falling backward. Origin of SITZMARK. probably from German sitzen to sit + English 1mark (impression) ...