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The Beauty of a -20 Degree Morning

Actually, as you can see from this photo, I utterly FAILED to capture the beauty of a -20 degree morning.  But since I bothered to run upstairs to grab my camera and then downstairs again to snap a couple pictures, I figured I'd go ahead and write about it ANYWAY!

I'm not even sure it was -20 degrees either to be honest (whew...this is becoming more and more like one of those terrible posts you'd find on Yahoo blogs [except I'm not getting paid]).  It was -SOMETHING however.  It seems I spend my life in a state of digital confusion these days.  If there were only ONE thermometer at my disposal, I would feel pretty confident about what the temperature was.  However, since there's one on the morning TV show (man...those shows are AWFUL!), and there's one on my Blackberry (pumped in from Yahoo I it's probably about 30 minutes out of date), and I think there might be a physical one outside...and NONE of them EVER have the same number...I don't have any idea how cold it was.

Except to say that it was definitely COLD!  My car really grumbled about starting this morning.

But as I walked back to my house, my Polish blood too dumb to freeze (and I really am Polish, so I can say things like that), I happened to notice the fog rising up over the river and I had to take a picture.  In fact, as I was driving Zulma in to work, the Chippewa was really quite spectacular (didn't have my camera then though).

-20 is something unique and special, and pretty much sucks to go outside, if you can get over yourself for two seconds and take a moment to look around, you'll see the world take on an appearance you've never seen before.

I wouldn't recommend cross-country skiing in -20 though.  I've done it, and all that results is your lungs get frozen and you flee to Peru for 10 years!

You've gotta find something to like about's beautiful and it makes the hot chocolate taste better!

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