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Birkie Registration Closes Today (Saturday)!

The Birkie's website, at announced the news yesterday. Today is your last chance to get in the Birkie!

It hasn't happened this early in years, but today, the 2011 American Birkiebeiner will close registration, more than 2 months before race day!

With a race cap of 8,400 skiers, this number is expected to be exceeded today - therefore the closure of registration.

Skate waves 1 - 4 and wave 9 were full as of Friday morning and event management has added a 10
th wave to allow for a quality experience for all event participants. Classic waves 6 and 7 are also full, with a new classic wave 9 being added by event organizers - similar to the skate race.

So, if you have any intention of being a part of the coming Birkie (if you're reading this, clearly you do), you need to immediately go register at by 6PM CST tonight!

So, what is fueling this growth of America's biggest XC Ski race? Having spent much time in Birkie country, my observation is that the Birkie has some very energetic new members and leadership with both staffing and board members. The results of this new energy and creativity are clearly evident. The Birkie has many new programs ranging from shuttle bus service from the Twin Cities, to summer running events, to ski tours, to family fun skis, a separate classic race trail, and many others. Clearly, several winters of great snow conditions across the Midwest and elsewhere in the US has helped the sport at large as well.

The skiing community has noted this great work and will be flocking to Hayward, WI in late February for the legend known as the Birkie! See you there!

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