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The Blizzard of '10--Cyclops 2.24

Like Nicholas Cage said in The Rock, "well, gosh...kind of a lot's happened since then." For the purposes of this newsletter "then" refers to the LAST edition of the Cyclops that came BEFORE the great midwest winter blizzard of 2010 which will long be remembered as the storm that brought the roof down on the metrodome. In fact, that storm was so enormous that Frank and I STILL haven't managed to write all the various stories and stuff we had planned (a LOT happened, what can you do?).

But there's really no time to stop and get caught up, SKI season is upon us in full force. There is no longer a need to make wild and crazy voyages to far off regions like the Upper peninsula (although a trip to Giant's Ridge is still warranted because it's awesome up there). We've got snow in our back yard, 22 inches of it to be more or less precise.

Oh, and the other BIG news is that Steve Edling is now OFFICIALLY a member of CyclovaXC. Steve always rides along the crest of his entourage, so watch for our membership numbers to swell exponentially in the upcoming months.

I keep having all these grand and ambitious ideas about how many ski races I'm going to do, but then I spend a week chasing my little baby around (and she can't even crawl yet) and doing a depressingly little amount of skiing. Actually, it's not depressing because I don't even NOTICE the time going by (hanging out with the baby is a blast, I make an effort to spit up whenever she spits up so she's less self-conscious about it). Still, you can mark my words that you'll be seeing me out at Tower Ridge in Eau Claire this weekend! Hope to see all you Chippewa Valley locals on the snow!

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