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The Definitive Shot of the '10 Midwest Winter Blizzard

So when the massive blizzard of '10 hit (I figure I'll be saying that again and again for the next 40 or so years), Frank and I were at my mom's house up in Spooner. The awesome thing about my mom's house is that it has a massive forest out back, so you can just go back-country skiing out there. In fact, Frank and I got stranded at mom's house last year as well, and we did the exact same thing (if you do a search for Back-country skiing on CyclovaXC, maybe you'll find it...then again, the little search box on this site is terrible, so you probably won't).

Well, Frank and I decided to go skiing to our friend Kevin's house in Spooner, so we headed out on our back-country skis and I took the opportunity to snap this nifty shot which shows Frank trudging along on the unplowed highway (I'm pretty sure that this is going to be the definitive shot of the '10 midwest winter blizzard and get me 50,000 hits). It's pretty rare that you can get a stop sign in the frame when you take a picture of one of your friends out skiing...and for good reason...streets are super exposed compared to ski trails and, believe me, the wind cut you in HALF.

Well, we ended up not going to Kevin's house after all, and just swung back around to ski in the woods behind my mom's house. I'll be posting more about that later this week.

Here's hoping you all got your cars dug out OK!

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