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First Time on Snow For the 2010-2011 Season!

Well, I managed to get away from it all for like five minutes and get up to the Birkie trail today.  I had a hot tip that there was snow up there, and as you can see from the above photo, I wasn't disappointed.

It's pretty tough to take a decent photo that actually shows the trail conditions, but for early season skiing I was pretty impressed with what's up there at "OO" right now.  I was skiing on my old red and white crusty Fishers (more on those later) and they were kind of slipping out from under me all over the place.  Honestly, I think I could have skiied on a decent pair of skis as there weren't a lot of areas with anything punching through the snow (no rocks or twigs or anything!).

As I write this...it's raining of course, so I can't even be sure whether or not this snow will still be there this weekend.  It might be though...for all I know it's snowing on the Birkie trail (the Birkie trail is in it's own climatic region isn't it?).

Oh, before you get too excited, there's only about a 3 K loop up there that's skiable.  You can tell by the tracks that people have been skiing South of "OO" a little bit, but not enough little feet have gone that way to really pack it in.  The 3 K loop right around the lodge, etc., was pretty decent though.  Now, if only I'd been in decent shape...

Well...I've got the first ski of the year under my belt, so that's a good start.  It's pretty tough to get back on roller skis once you've been on snow...but it's raining now so it looks like I'll just have to deal!

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