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Getting Back Into Training After Eating a WHOLE Turkey

Ahhh...the holidays!

Here you are doing well on your diet and your quest to get down to a reasonable Birkie weight because you don't want to suffer like a madman on the way up the power lines again....when the holidays come along and RUIN EVERYTHING!

Seriously, why are American holidays all about GORGING ourselves?  I suppose it's because holiday food is so frickin' good!

The other day I headed out to the grocery store to buy the last little this and that to prepare our Christmas feast.  My intention was just to get the necessary ingredients for stuffing (bread, onions, celery), but I'm afraid the Christmas spirit grabbed me and I ended up leaving with about $80 worth of...well, junk I guess.

You see, you just CAN'T keep on passing up the Egg Nog for the whole Christmas season!  By the way, what's the best alcohol for dumping into the Egg Nog?  I was thinking whiskey since that would make it kind of similar to Bailey's but the results weren't that great...rum?  I don't know, help me out!

Then I just HAD to get a pie because you have to have some PIE on Christmas!  I tried to get an apple pie but it ended up being a surprisingly good pineapple pie.  I'd never heard of such a thing!  It was labeled as apple with a tiny little sticker in the corner that said "pineapple" which suggests to me that they were having trouble selling the darn things so they were just trying to disguise what it was.  It was a good tactic though since my wife declared it the "best Pie she had ever eaten."  So I guess we'll be eating pineapple pie every year!

I also had to get some chocolate brownies, because there are times during Christmas when you just have to have your whole mouth filled with chocolaty taste!  I didn't get any cookies though...maybe I'll have to bake some later.

Anyway, the whole point of all this is I'm going to have to ski about 4 hours today just to get back to where I was on the 24th, and where I was on the 24th wasn't anything special either!


It was worth it though, it's fun just DESTROYING a whole turkey on Christmas now isn't it?

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