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Last Day To Sign up for the Pepsi Challenge! (at $65)

There's nothing like doing something crazy to get yourself going on your ski training!  In this case "doing something crazy" is signing up for the Pepsi Challenge up at Giant's Ridge!

For those of you who know, this is a race that's definitely among the best in the area.  The course itself is as challenging as anything out there.  One of the things that make the Pepsi Challenge such a blast is that it doesn't attract quite the hoards of skiers that the Birkie does, so you can actually ski it rather than just resign yourself to taking in the day like you have to do over at Hayward (I'm not complaining...but let's face it, the trail gets kind of hacked up at the Birkie).

Really, there's no better way to get in shape for the Birkie than to do the Pepsi Challenge, and you should also figure out a way to stay up there for Friday and Saturday night with a bunch of friends and family (good party)!  

The thing is, the price is about to go up.  December 31st is the last day to register for $65.  After that and up until race day it's $75.  Fortunately you can register online at  So hurry up, register, and maybe you can see me suffering up there like a madman!

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