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Merry Christmas from CyclovaXC!

Hello Everybody!
I was feeling in the Christmas spirit the other day so I decided to prop my cross-country skis together and make a Cross-Country Christmas tree.  It only took me about 4 pairs of skis, a couple rubber bands, and a string of lights to get my tree up and operational, and it looked totally awesome!!!  The only problem was that when my skis were propped together I couldn't SKI ON THEM!  Now that we have a record amount of snow...skiing is a priority!

So I kept my cross-country Christmas tree up long enough to take a couple photos, and then I ripped the thing down and headed out to the trail!

Here's hoping that all of you are getting plenty of time to see friends and family, and also that you're getting plenty of time to SKI!

I'm off now, I'm getting ready for my yearly holiday viewing of "Conan the Barbarian."  It's a Christmas Classic!

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