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Old Fischer Skis on the Birkie Trail

My first ski of the year is always on my old red and white Fishers.  I believe these skis are actually the first generation of Fisher skate skis (they might be the 2nd generation, some of you probably know better than I do).  These are from the days when Fisher still made their skate skis with the same long, curved tips like you find on classical skis (I cut the tips off these with a jig saw...thus the weirdly rounded tip).  Those of you who are veterans might remember the sky blue bases that these bad boys run (and which don't take any wax), as well as the aluminum edges along the side that was supposed to help with...who knows really...cornering?

Actually there are a few conditions in which these skis run pretty well, but most of the time they slip and slide all over the place like crazy.  Still, I kind of like having these skis in my quiver.  I remember when I went into New Moon to get the Salomon SNS bindings put on (you can see the mark from the hole of the old bindings in the picture in the bottom right).  They laughed at me and were like, "what the heck are you putting a new set of bindings on those old dogs for?"

Well...the reason was that for $60 I got a totally functional pair of rock skis that are absolutely bulletproof (I know...I jigsawed off the tips remember, it wasn't easy folks).  Plus, even if these skis do get all beat up and mangled, I could still take the bindings off (although those bindings are kind of out of fashion now).  So using these bad boys I can save wear and tear on my $400 Fishers (which are also 10 years old now).

These suckers have withstood the test of time though.  I just like carrying them around frankly...they're my good luck charm...and they're really kind of awesome!  I like that red and white classic look.  Everybody on CyclovaXC should be required to ski on these!


  1. The aluminum edges are a throw back to the days when skating was being 'invented'. That was about 30 years ago when Bill Koch was top dog on the WC.

    Skating was a totally new concept at the time. Manufacturers took ideas from alpine skis, which have metal edges to help carve turns.

    FIS banned metal edges on XC skis. They were worried someone would fall and another skier would run over them. Potentially cutting a leg or arm with the metal edges.

    Kastle (another Austrian ski company) also had the metal edges. When FIS banned the edges, Kastel then installed a thin sheet of metal in the Pe-tex to bypass the FIS rules. That idea didn't work either. The bases delaminated after waxing a few times.

  2. Interesting stuff Paul! Those red and white Fischers are super slippery, but I think that's more the fault of the base. Maybe they's be worse without the edges!

  3. I bet they've not as stiff as they used to be either - as skis tend to get softer over time and with use, thereby reducing stability.

  4. Yeah...they're not stiff at all. Might be time to nail them to a wall over a raging fireplace. Still, I wish Fisher would make a new model with this same paint job...retro rocks!