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On Days Like This...It's Hard to Train

Actually this picture doesn't do justice to the type of weather I'm talking about.  I don't know if it's just me or what, but for some reason I find it really hard to go roller skiing when it's below freezing.

This is the hardest time of the year for me, when it's freezing and there is no snow on the ground.  I keep telling my wife that there's something about having that snow that makes it feel warmer.  Obviously it's NOT any warmer...but something about all that snow has a psychological effect...

...well, my wife just laughs at me when I say this, so maybe it's all in my head...still...

But why the heck is it so COLD roller skiing when it's 10 degrees?  Is it because you're out on the highways and you're a little bit more exposed?  Is it because you're afraid of ice patches on the roads that will make you slip and fall?

I don't know!

All I know is that it's hard to do ski specific training in that window between roller skiing season and actual, legitimate SNOW ski season!

Lately I've been hitting the gym, doing some running, trying to work myself up to laps in the pool (it's relaxing when I get there...the trouble is getting there).


Apparently there is a 10 K ski race down in the Twin Cities today, but I'm not ready for that kind of craziness.  Probably next week, I'll be going stir-crazy again and ready to make the yearly expedition up to Ironwood Michigan to see how ABR feels.  But as for this weekend, I think I'm just going to layer up and do the last roller ski of the season.

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I can so relate to your posting above! IT DOES somehow seem to feeler warmer if there is snow on the ground! And I too find it extremely hard to rollerski in the cold....also makes for slow wheels too.

    Bring on the snow!