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SKI TRAIL PROFILE: Troll Hollow (at Trollhaugen) once again will not be open for XC skiing 2016/2017

While skiing at Troll Hollow, just follow the cool Troll signs to stay on track!

NOTE:  Unfortunately this excellent facility is no longer open to cross country skiing.  

Location: Dresser, WI
Trail Distance: 3.5k loop
Trail Terrain: A fun mix of challenging climbs, fun descents, and curvy flats
Warming House: A nice big chalet and alpine ski shop with restrooms, lockers, restaurants, and lounge.
Favorite Stretch of Trail: Sprinting up the trail next to the tubing hill and then letting it rip down the descent!
Venue Website: www.trollhaugen.com

If perfectly machined classic tracks and corduroy is what you're after, look no further than Troll Hollow (a part of Trollhaugen). Centrally located in the beautiful St. Croix River Valley, Troll Hollow is less than a 1 hour drive from downtown Minneapolis and centrally located for a whole lot of people.

Troll Hollow is part of the downhill ski area Trollhaugen. As it is a very well established alpine ski area, they have a whole lot of state of the art equipment - things like the best snow making system in the Midwest, a fleet of Pisten Bully groomers, and of course staff that are literally artists with grooming implements.

Even on a busy day, the perfectly groomed trails hold up well at Troll Hollow!

I recall Troll Hollow first becoming known to Nordic skiers during snow drought years of the late 90's. Initially, they simply opened up their hill to Nordic skiers early in the morning. It was great to get on snow, but as you were either going straight up or down, it made for a very tough workout every time. In about 2002, they developed a Nordic specific trail system and named it "Troll Hollow", after the famous 2002 Winter Olympic Venue, Soldier Hollow.

One of 6 XC ski areas in the Midwest with snow making, Troll Hollow has become one of the most populous XC Ski destinations in the Midwest during recent years. Many citizen, high school, and even collegiate ski races have been held here - both in times of low snow and otherwise.

Check out Troll Hollow, the guaranteed perfect snow will be sure to have you grinning from ear to ear!

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