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A Skiers Worst Nightmare: RAIN ON SNOW!

Unghhh...what a disaster!

Here we were, sitting pretty with over two feet of snow.  It had been a record December for snowfall!  It looked like the snow was here to stay until mid-April!  The trails were just on the verge of being all packed in and wonderful!

But all it takes is one day of 40+ degree temperatures and torrential rainfall to screw everything up!

Darn it!

Just when you thought the ski gods were happy with us, they pull a trick like this!  All we skiers can do is stand around watching it glumly with the desperate hope that there will still be some of the white stuff left when the rain stops.

The worst thing is that if it were just a little bit colder, this could have easily been ANOTHER two feet of snow!


Today I happened to have to travel from Eau Claire to Minneapolis and it was rainy, cloudy, and miserable for the whole journey.  I can testify that every ski trail within that area got hit and hit hard!  For those of you who are our loyal readers up in Biwabik or in Hayward, let us know...do you still have snow (please say yes...please say yes...please say yes...).

I'm hoping to head out to tower ridge tomorrow and assess the damage, hopefully it will cool off plenty tonight and leave us with a two foot thick block of ice to ski on!  Who knows, the ski gods work in mysterious ways, maybe they're secretly playing cards in our favor!


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