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Skiing is Good at Timberland Hills (Cumberland, WI)

Word on the street is that there is good snow up at Timberland Hills in Cumberland WI. Not "rock skis" good but "good skis" good. Both my mom and Landgraf have been up there recently and they both said that the trails are great except for one little bridge section on the 15 k loop (and even that's not so bad).

So, since I trust Landgraf with my life, and I more or less believe what my mom says, I feel confident that Timberland Hills is the closest, cheapest, best place to ski this weekend. Those of you who are CyclovaXC people awaiting your vests, you can find me at Timberland Hills on Saturday. Here's a map (you can also check the Timberland Hills web page for further instructions):

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  1. For the full scoop on Timberland Hills with a lot of pictures, see the TRAIL PROFILE right here on Cyclova XC.com: