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Snow and Retro Skis--Cyclops 2.23

Wow! I'm a little late this month. Probably because I got a little caught up in things like Thanksgiving, hunting season, and the fresh blanket of snow that covered the Midwest over last weekend. That's right boys and girls, the white stuff is HERE and I think it's here to stay (although you never know).

I'm sure you've all tossed the roller skis in a ditch by now and are mucking about on your best pair of rock skis. This is full-on BACKCOUNTRY ski season, which is awesome because you're on snow but there's no pressure to perform (because there aren't any trails yet). You just kind of plod about with your buddies (at least that's what I do).

I've got an exceptionally weird set of articles for you to read this month (weird only when you take them out of context...in truth their no stranger than anything else Frank and I frequently publish). The strangest article of all is probably the Billy Squire one (I stumbled across that old '80s video and couldn't resist it).

Also, I'm looking for some trail reports for ABR. If any of you can confirm that it's good skiing up there, let me know and we can plan a skiing weekend in Ironwood (Frank and I used to head up there every weekend 10 years ago...those of us who are skiing addicts do some crazy things)!

Anyway, here are the articles! Enjoy!

See you on the SNOW!

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