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Stonegrinding & Ski Service: Cyclova XC Racing Service Details

Yesterday, we announced the next chapter for Cyclova XC - Cyclova XC Racing Service. Effective immediately, we will begin offering a World Cup level grinding and race waxing service!

For the full scoop, check out our Ski Service info page which goes through everything you need to know about having your Nordic skis stoneground.

Page 1 of the brochure focuses on the logistics of having your skis ground by Cyclova XC Racing Service and has the critical WORK ORDER form which must be filled out for every pair of skis we service. Page 2 focuses on all of the tech info you need to know about stonegrinding. Also included on page 2 is our "menu" of stonegrind structures.

In the coming weeks, look for much more technical information on our range of ski service as well as never before seen tech information!

To start with, check out the below video which walks through the specific process that every pair of Nordic skis ground by Cyclova XC Racing Service goes through.

If you have any questions on Cyclova XC Racing Service, please contact Frank or any one of our convenient drop off locations as specified on page 1 of the above brochure. You can contact Frank via:
Phone: 651-734-8670

In this Ski Tech Video, Frank outlines the process that every ski ground by Cyclova XC Racing Service goes through.

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