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Top 10 Things To Do When SNOWED IN...

The #2 thing to do when snowed in, skiing in the fast lane is a rare opportunity to seize!

I'm not sure that this weekend's blizzard will be the legend that the famous Halloween blizzard of 1991 is, but it is definitely one to remember! In fact, this was the single biggest snowfall through much of the Midwest since that famous storm of 1991. A 20 year storm of sorts!

  1. One can either be giddy or mope about the situation, so following is the Cyclova XC list of the top ten things to do when snowed in! Enjoy!

10) Pick out new snow tires for your car
9) Get caught up on blog posts for CyclovaXC.com
8) Register for your entire schedule of ski races this winter
7) Spend at least 2 hours cursing the fact that the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul didn't have the snow plows going throughout the night
6) Get caught up on your holiday shopping by getting Cyclova XC Gear for your loved ones
5) Take advantage of the Winter cover by skiing through the woods in your Chewbacca mask and scaring your neighbors
4) Exchange stories of the great Halloween blizzard of 1991
3) Tell anyone who will listen about how when you grew up, you skied up hill through 3 feet of snow to school, on home made skis - both ways
2) Skiing in the fast lane of your local highway (take advantage of being able to pass cars on your skis while you can)!
1) Yahtzee!

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