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Trail Conditions and Grooming Videos from Giant's Ridge

I just received a bunch of photos and youtube links from Shannon Kendall and John Filander up at Giant's ridge. For those of you who have never skied up at Giant's ridge, I really encourage you to make the trip some weekend and check out their world class trails. They truly have some spectacular, beautiful terrain up there that is the perfect place to do some hard-core Birkie training!

Back in the 90's when Frank and I were doing every single ski race within a three state radius, the Pepsi challenge always stood out as one of the favorites of the year. There were many seasons where it was just brutally cold, although I believe they had an above freezing edition last year! The best part about the Pepsi cup was the fact that it's just on the edge of being too far away, so you're easily persuaded to get a hotel and stick around for an extra day or two. There is seriously nothing better than escaping with all your skiing buddies and putting in a good 72 straight hours of training (with appropriate time set aside for eating and sitting in a hot tub or something).

Anyway, along with a lot of great photos (I'll be saving some and posting them later), here are the videos (if you're at work, turn the volume down on your computer so your boss doesn't figure out you're watching videos rather than CyclovaXC we care about preserving your job):

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