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The Vests, Jerseys and Hats are IN!

Hey All!

For everyone who ordered vests, long-sleeved jerseys, or hats, I'm pleased to inform you that the order is in.  The stuff looks really great, but I'm especially psyched about the hats.  Trust me, they don't look as good in the living room as they're going to look out on the ski trail...but I think even in the living room they look pretty cool.

These hats are awesome!  I think that regardless of what else is going on with CyclovaXC, I'm going to get some hats printed up every year.  Seriously, is it possible to have too many hats?  And you can get an order of 13 for $250 or so, so it's not a terrible expense (not that it's super cheap either).

I'm also liking the full length zipper on the jerseys.  I don't know about you, but I've basically thrown my arm out of its socket a couple of times trying to change out of wet ski clothing in my car or whatever.  It's amazing how much easier things are when you just go...



The vests fit a little tighter than the other clothing because the wind panel on front isn't stretchy, but it's still good (I can squeeze into mine...so you should be able to squeeze into yours).

I believe I've gotten this stuff to everybody who lives in my neck of the woods.  The rest of you are probably closer to Frank, so get in touch with him about getting your stuff.  Don't forget to send me your checks payable to Ben Jonjak!  Here's the article with the prices.  Cheers!

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