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What Are The Conditions Like at ABR?

No, I didn't get a chance to get up to ABR yet this year, and I'm kind of chomping at the bit to make that long and lonely drive (maybe next weekend...anybody want to come with?).

I actually got two hours in on the Birkie trail last Monday and I'm kind of chomping at the bit to get some more skiing in.  We got about 3 inches of snow here in Chippewa Falls this morning...enough so we were all out shoveling this morning (which can be awesome if it's the first time of the year).  But I don't know if this is the white fall that stays, or if it's all going to be gone in a couple days.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, I talked to Allan who apparently was up at ABR last week and said it was decent skiing but there were some rocks sticking through here and there.  Of course, that information is a week old, so it's essentially useless since Ironwood seems to get TONS of snow that nobody else gets.  I've heard Snowflake is good up in Duluth, but I haven't been there since ABR opened (I just like ABR better).

Well, if there's anyone out there who was out at ABR this week, please post an update down in the comments.  I'll probably be heading that way next weekend, but I NEED TO KNOW if it's going to be a glorious crusade or just a (goat...., circle...., I can't think of an appropriate metaphor).  

For those of you who were wondering, here's the ABR web page.  They claim they have good snow, but I like to get trail reports from at least two different sources on all my searches (everybody's got a different definition of "good").

Let me know...

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