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Why are the Bathrooms at Ski Trails Labeled "Men" and "Women?"

This is one of those little pet peeves I have.

Look, the world is already filled with needless redundancies.  There is absolutely NO cause for us to go and introduce a bunch of artificial ones.

Keeping that in mind, answer me this, if it's a ONE seater toilet, then WHY put "men" and "women" labels on the doors?

What frickin' difference does it make?

Are you seriously telling me that if a coach takes the girl's ski team up to the Birkie trail, HE can just go trotting in and out of the toilet why the entire women's ski team has to WAIT for the ONE toilet that has been labeled "women" to come open?  All this while the toilet labeled "men" is sitting their EMPTY?

That's ABSURD!

You know how it is!  When you have to go to the bathroom all propriety goes out the window.  Sometimes you even see this nonsense at marathons.  Port-A-Pots that have "men" and "women" labels on them.


Seriously, somebody give me an answer!!!

This was the type of thing that I started writing like, hahaha, this is going to be kind of a funny joke...but now that I've thought about this for two seconds it makes me FURIOUS!

I'm sure some idiot's going to write me and give me ten good reasons why all toilet seats should be labeled "men" and "women" but it's all just propaganda.  The fact is, the only people who would support something like that are the people that make a living selling little labels that say "men" and "women."

To heck with that!

Sure, if it's a changing room or something, then yes, a label is warranted.  But if it's just a one seater...

I mean, forgo the labels and give the $10 it would have cost to buy them as a tip to the groomer...THINK people!

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