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Lindsley Chiropractic

As I wrote in the most recent issue of the Cyclops, my asthma medication has been failing me of late. For any of you who suffer from Asthma, you're probably familiar with the Advair inhaler (since it's basically the only thing you can buy to treat asthma anymore). Well, the problem with the Advair inhaler, just like all prescribed medicine, is that it has a bunch of negative effects. Doctors call these negative effects "side effects" which is a misnomer. You see, these aren't "additional" effects or "side" effects, they're just EFFECTS! For example when you watch those ads for Viagra during football season and they list how Viagra causes blindness, death, temporary paralysis, etc., you should figure out that, hey, maybe it's not so smart to TAKE that medication. However, our current medical system has us pretty well brainwashed into thinking that these "side effects" are OK. They're not.

My Advair inhaler had been working more or less well enough, until recently when the fact that it lowers my immune system (another effect) caused me to get a terrible cold which I haven't been able to shake for two weeks. And to be truthful, even when the Advair is working perfectly well, it's not as good as it should be. So, I decided to give Allan Lindsley a call and see what he could recommend.

Lindsley is one of our team guys so he understands what's at stake for a crazy XC skier/runner/biker like myself. Health is of paramount importance and, if you let him, Lindsley will go off on nutrition, vitamins, and basic wellness for hours and hours.

Honestly, it's quite refreshing to go into a health care provider and have him/her come up with a multitude of possible solutions to the problem (instead of just saying "take Advair" and charging you $200 for the visit). Lindsley also likes to take a holistic approach where he examines the health of the entire body and not just the problem area.

After about an hour visitation, I left Lindsley chiropractic with several vitamin supplements that I'm willing to try out. I'll keep you posted on whether they function or not, but since my experience with Advair is a solid D-, I'm willing to try anything.

So if you've decided that your regular doctor isn't quite filling your needs as an endurance athlete, perhaps you should check out Lindsley Chiropractic. Here's the contact information:

Lindsley Chiropractic Clinic
2004 Highland Ave., Suite O
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: 715-832-8414
Fax: 715-832-0358

Relentless Distraction

I had exactly 4 weeks of pure undistracted living. Family, work, lounging, and lazy pleasure took over. I got on the bike exactly four days after the Birkie but seriously did not have a single race distraction for over 4 weeks until last week.

I don't wait patiently for my seasons fate of whether or not I'm in. So for each day after the 15th of March I check my bank account about two times per day looking for that cleared check. And low and behold on Wednesday of last week my season came into focus when I saw my check had cleared. Hell yea...

So for all you MTBers out there who balance their season around THIS one, getting in seems to be the toughest challenge of the race (and to think we're six months out). If you don't think its tough just getting in check IT out. Yea, you read right...1200 "dear John" letters this year.

So now I have that little extra motivation to get out on the bike on these 50 degree spring days with 50 mph winds. I will be on my road bike patiently waiting for the single-tracks to open up. If you are looking for the best place to find great MTB trail reviews, MTB race stories, and MTB bs...then here it is. Looking forward to riding with my fellow Cyclova peeps and ripping up some trails in the woods and representing at some WORS races.

But now that my check has cleared there is a whole new purpose to my race season because "now we have ourselves a game.”

Bike Swizzle


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Order your CyclovaXC Bike Kit! Cyclops 2.7

Yup, the mystical inspiration has come to fruition and we're putting the final touches on our Mt. Borah order for a set of CyclovaXC jerseys and shorts that will crumble the very pillars of cyclist styling FOREVER (just click here if that last sentence made no sense to you)! The design has been finalized, and the version you see here is of much higher quality than the feeble paint shop sketch we brought to you a couple weeks ago. In short, the CyclovaXC cycling jersey has achieved, perhaps even exceeded the level of awesomenessism that we painstakingly embedeed by hand into every micro fiber of our fantabulous ski suit. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to cloak yourself in the fabric of the GODS!
For those of you interested in a bike suit (jersey and shorts, or just shorts, or just jersey...or jersey and bib shorts, or just bib shorts...) send an email to cyclovaxc at gmail.com. Be sure to include exactly what you want so that we can make a precise order (that'd be a good email for questions to if you have any...RELEVANT QUESTIONS, no "What goes on in a singularity?" kind of stuff).
Also, for those of you who don't know, we're being sponsored by Lindsley Chiropractic in Eau Claire (so head on down there and get yourself fit and whole! 715-832-8414). For those of you who don't know Lindsley (he was the guy dominating all the races last year...plus he sent up the updates from Sweden), I'll be putting an article up about him tomorrow or the next day. You see, I've been locked in this fierce mortal battle with this horrific cold lately. It's the kind of cold that makes your head swell up to six times its normal size, and every time somebody talks to you it's as if they're yelling at you through six feet of water funneled down through an ancient well. Mainly, I think I got this cold due to the fact that my overpriced, horrible Asthma medication Advair (which, although it's completely inexpensive and overpriced, it's the only one available for Asthma sufferers to BUY since the pharmaceutical companies are a bunch of evil Nazi dictators who care only for the bottom line and could give two tosses as to the suffering of HUMAN BEINGS!!!!) lowers my immune system (seriously...it does...a medicine that lowers your immune system...can anyone say conspiracy? It all seems too frickin' convenient to ME!). Anyway, I went and saw Lindsley who appeared before me on top in a mountain dressed in flowing robes of alabaster wool, and when he spoke there was an echo, and his hair flowed in the wind...more on that tomorrow.
One task at a time for my lovely CyclovaXC teammates (as you read this at work...good for YOU guys, I can almost GUARANTEE that you aren't getting paid enough because you guys are AWESOME), send me your emails with your sizes so I can get the right order sent in. Later, send me your checks (it's all explained in this link).
And (just so you can kill a few more hours of company time [you're worth it...]) here are some more awesome run/bike/ski articles that you DESERVE to read because you DESERVE to be out there on this bright, beautiful spring day (this way at least your MIND can be saved from work...we're working on the body...don't worry, CyclovaXC has got a MASTER plan!).

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The CyclovaXC Bike Jersey/Shorts are Available for Sale!

Here are the official shots from Mt. Borah as to how our spectacularly awesome CyclovaXC jersey/shorts are going to look (once again we've managed to design something infinitely superior to anything the professional designers of the world are capable of...seriously it's laughable).

We're going with a full length zipper and a Micro Grid fabric upgrade. It should also be noted that we've received a sponsorship from Lindsley Chiropractic, so that logo will be appearing on the sides.

The price is $130 ($135 if you would prefer bib shorts). If you only want the Jersey, it's $77 and if you only want the shorts it's $53 ($58 for bibs).

Please send an email with:

1. Quantity
2. Size
3. Indication of whether you want men's or women's jerseys.
4. Indication of whether you want regular or bib shorts to.

cyclovaxc at gmail.com

Get me this email as soon as possible so I can send off an accurate count to Mt. Borah regarding the order. Then send your check payable to Ben Jonjak to:

Ben Jonjak
510 N High St.
Chippewa Falls WI 54729

The jerseys/shorts should be ready about 6 weeks after we make the final order so that means we'll have them sometime in May.

I'm looking forward to getting your emails, don't be shy about ordering two or three! (Remember that if you haven't bought a ski suit yet, you could probably use your bike jersey in the Birkie next year!)

Don't Forget To Put Storage Wax on Your Cross Country Skis!

Wow, we've had some nice warm March days lately (although today there was frost on the ground as I stepped outside of my house in my sandals and froze my little tosises off). But as nice as it has been, you're still not allowed to forget that we're still on the coat tails of the ski season, and before you can put those vehicles of winter torture/pleasure away for their long summer sleep, you have to encase them in a coat of wax (much like Han Solo was encased in carbonite) so that they're protected and safe from oxidation.

You know, this is that final wax job of the year, but somehow it's still a real pain. I suppose it's because you know when you are done applying the storage wax you have to sweep up all the left over wax flakes from the storage area, try and stuff all your waxing equipment into the tackle box that's now too desperately small to hold all the gear you've accumulated (and this even after buying a tackle box you thought would be five times bigger than you would ever need). Then you have to take apart your ski bench and try to stuff all your equipment into some lonely closet corner and hope no mice chew on any of it for the summer.

But, it's got to be done!

Back in the old days we always used to use Swix orange as storage wax, but you can use any cheap, warm-weather wax. The deal is to just goop it on there so it sinks in all summer. Additionally, once you've applied the storage wax, the bases are now protected against things like paint (at least peripherally...DON'T try to paint the bases) so you can set your skis base down out on the grass in front of your house and paint them CyclovaXC colors from tip to tail (I recommend the lime green paint at Farm and Fleet). After all, Fischer isn't paying YOU any money to advertise their logo every darn place you go now is it? Rossignol isn't paying...Madshus aren't paying...NOBODY'S PAYING so to hell with them...put CyclovaXC on your skis (well, we aren't paying either...but it's the PRINCIPLE of the thing...yeah...have another beer, stop thinking so hard and just cheer jubilantly with me as you paint your skis...YOU'RE AWESOME DUDE!)!

Seriously, don't forget to put on the storage wax (and paint your skis Lime green with the CyclovaXC logo on the tips in BIG letters)!

Hitler's thoughts on 24-9 being canceled

As you may have heard, the 24 Hours of Nine Mile mountain bike race near Wausau, WI was recently canceled. There has been much griping, accusing, and complaining about this and the situations surrounding it which we won't get into.

I did just stumble into this video which I think summarizes the passion that some folks have for this race, perhaps folks that you wouldn't expect to have such passion for 24-9!

Cyclova XC certainly can't take credit for this video, but we do think you'll find it entertaining!

Be a pro spectator at the Spring Classics: It's all in the preparation!

The Spring Classics are upon us and if you're lucky, one day you'll find yourself cheering on the superstars of the sport at one of these amazing events! For many, going to watch a Spring Classics race is a once in a lifetime experience, so make the most of it. Heck, you even want to make the most of spectating a local race, so here are some tips.

Research in Advance:
Using the "World Wide Inter-web", you can learn much about the race, the course, the athletes, the best places to spectate, and where to stay. However, sometimes language can be a barrier. As time goes on, there is more and more complete info available online about the big races and even published spectator guides for some of them.

Accept the fact that nothing is fact or real until you see it with your own eyes:
In my 2003 Amstel Gold Race Adventure with friend of Cyclova XC Dave Gabrys, we had found athe website of campground that looked nice in Maastricht, the city in which the race started. We drove for 12 hours across Europe (from Poland) in our little Peugot rental car, arrived to the campground address at 11PM only to find that it was closed and was out of business. Plan B: we were tired, so slept in the car until first light. This highlights why it is important to get to the race are well in advance!

Your critical resource - locals: After waking up from our night of sleeping in the car in the parking lot outside the gates of an out of business campground, we drove into town. We began to figure out the lay of the land, and chatted it up with some locals. Locals are always excited to see people from out of town and are keen to help you out. I believe that a friendly conversation with locals is the single greatest resource in preparing for a great spectating experience at a Spring Classics Race. Thanks to some friendly locals, we found a
campground right on the finishing Valkenberg climb of the Amstel Gold Race.
Our first campsite at the Camping Den Dreisch campsite in Valkenberg, Holland. Thank you for the tip locals!

Additionally, the friendly locals helped us out in developing our race day spectating strategy. Not only is wandering around town chatting with locals educational, getting to know the people can really give you the true experience of the country and be a major highlight of the trip. As a bonus, as you're seeking out friendly locals, you'll probably find yourself in all kinds of amazing Euro cafes and bars, which is part of the goal of being on vacation and experiencing a Spring Classics Race!

On the hunt for help from locals in Maastricht, Holland.

Cool places like this cafe with this unique Spring Classics sign will be found in scouting out the area of a Spring Classics Race!

Reconisance: So, now that you've got the inside scoop from the locals, are well hydrated with a Dutch Micro Brew or coffee, it's time to set out on foot, bike, or train and do some scouting! Go check out the start area. Can you go experience the pre-race hype, athlete sign in, local shenanigans, and start and still make it to your planned primary spectating location(s)? In my case back in 2003, we didn't think we could. After scouting out the start and the train schedule, we decided to hang out around the start for a few hours and then leave about 10 minutes before the start to beat the rush of people to the train station.

Choosing your spot: Now, where to spectate the race... A very big question. You know that epic things happen on the climbs or cobbles. The Valkenberg climb is exactly where we planned on spectating. We decided to watch the race from a single location on the climb, about 100 meters before the finish line. What made this such a spectacular location is the fact that the racers went by us 3 times as they lapped up this hill 3 times throughout the race!, including the finish! While scouting the hill and finish area out, we checked out the course side grand stand and analyzed the pitch of the climb.

Frank checking out the finish grand stand while scouting the 2003 Amstel Gold Race, 24 hours before battle was waged here!

Frank and Dave inspecting the final pitch of the Valkenberg climb, a challenging 12% grade.

Eyes Open: Finally, you're likely used to seeing your cycling heroes on TV or online. Well, pay attention as you'll see the top athletes and teams out scouting the course, just like you're doing! While scouting the Amstel Gold Race, we saw a number of teams out riding including the US Postal Service, T-Mobile, Saeco, and others.

US Postal Service riders scouting the Valkenberg Climb. I believe from L to R the riders are Ekimov, Livingston, and Rubiera.

Just like training for a race: Well there you have it. The moral of the story is that in order to have your best spectating experience ever, you need to thoroughly prepare, just like you need to prepare/train for doing a race yourself. The best part is that you'll have a blast in the process and anticipate race day that much more!

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"Spirit of the Marathon" Decent Film for a Marathon Documentary

Well, the other day I was having one of those nights where I just clicked on the first movie I saw of any mild interest on Netflix and watched it. The movie I picked was a documentary called "Spirit of the Marathon" and the reason I picked it was because it said in the "about" blurb that the film had Dick Beardsley.

Now, anyone who has run Grandma's marathon has heard about Dick Beardsley. The guy comes up there and speaks most years, and one year Neal Lundeen took me to go and see him and I'm glad he did. He's a really good public speaker, and you can tell that it's something that comes naturally to him. He's not smooth and polished like Kenneth Brannaugh...and frankly, I can't stand to watch Kenneth Brannaugh for more than five seconds (I'm not even sure if that's how you spell his name but I am not about to take the time to go and look it up since Kenneth Brannaugh is so irrelevant that his version of Hamlet can't even make me forget the one Mel Gibson did [a statement like that is the type of thing that really gets a British Shakespearian trained actor like Kenneth Brannaugh {herafter to be known as "Scott"} really and truly riled up {he shouldn't be playing any German's either because he never gets the accent right}] [notice how I closed all my parenthesis there? Reading my articles is like doing a mathematical equation], actually old Scott's not all that bad, heh heh).


This "Spirit of the Marathon" documentary follows about 5 or 6 people ranging in ability from elite contender to just regular people trying to do another marathon. Their marathon of choice is none other than Chicago, so this documentary will be of special interest to those of you who've run that one (wimps...everybody knows Chicago is the easiest marathon course out there...I mean come on, why not challenge yourself a little bit...Scott!...[I'm just giving you a hard time, all marathons are easy, but seriously...Chicago?]).

So, if you're bored one night and there's no more whiskey left in your bottle and you feel like watching a movie about running but you've seen both "Prefontaine" and "Without Limits" so many times you want to throw up (and your tutu hasn't come back from the cleaners so you can't watch "Chariots of Fire"), give "Spirit of the Marathon" a try (and if any of you ever make a documentary about running and want me to write a review/press release for it, my services are almost always available).
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Join Us As Birkie Trail Friends!

Last week Cyclova XC member Mark Schullo brought the "Birkie Trail Friends" program to my attention. It is a great way to support a fantastic event and organization!

Basically, the way it works is that if a number of Cyclova XC members are interested in pooling some money together to do this, a 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" plaque will be put up on each side of the trail on the kilometer marker post going in both directions (north bound and south bound). After the 3 year term is up, we would be given the plaques and have first right of refusal to re-sponsor the post.

Mark is interested in contributing to a Cyclova XC kitty to get a Cyclova XC Birkie Kilometer post marker put up with the Cyclova XC name on it. I am also interested in contributing. Is there anyone else out there interested in joining us? This is a $300 per year for 3 years ($900 in total) contract of sorts.

As a very active XC Ski Club in the heart of Birkie Country, I believe this makes sense and would be fun! Imagine how cool it would be to ski by the Cyclova XC Birkie Trail Kilometer Marker post. We would own the Kilometer!

If you are interested, feel free to comment here following this article or email me at cyclovaxcfrank@gmail.com

Photo Credit: American Birkiebeiner

More Singlet Ideas

After taking into account Andrew Johnson's suggestions about my other singlet ideas (he wrote me and said, "Ben, your designs are CRAP, I wouldn't be caught DEAD in any of those"...Ok, no he didn't really say that) I spent about 4 seconds (my usual prep time) whipping up the above version of the singlet. Actually the above version is sort of the generic, run of the mill way that people design EVERYTHING...but I guess there's a reason they do it that way...because it looks the best.

The only question I still have is how the singlet should look at the back. I don't think the back should be exactly the same as the front (the shield at least would look funny on the back I think), but how about this wild and crazy idea...how about if we put the words down at the bottom of the singlet like you see on bike shorts?

I, for one, know that whenever I do a race, virtually the whole field is staring either at my butt or my lower back (a finer lower back never was grown in the midwest region my poor departed great grandmother used to say...but not about me).

Again, my whole point with these singlets is to get them made as inexpensively (cheaply) as possible because the never ending wellspring of money is drying up.

So, again, let your thoughts trickle in! Cheers!

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Running Shoes with Toes? I don't think they're the answer

I was doing some shopping recently with my psycho friend from Scotland. We stumbled into a shoe store and he immediately became enamored with the sandals/shoes in the picture above. "Shoes with TOES!" he cried exhuberantly..."That's FRICKIN' AWESOME!"

Making all that racket of course drew the attention of the salesperson who rushed over like a vulture to a wounded duck. "It's our best seller," he said smoothly, "It's like running barefoot...it's for barefoot running...the Japanise call it Qi running which means the power of the true universal force..." (OK, he didn't say all that, I'm just making it up, but he might as well have said it because every product that is launched these days [especially the ridiculous ones like shoes with toes] comes with a whole BOOK of little sound bites which try to brainwash you into thinking that the thing you just bought actually ISN'T ridiculous after all...the whole point is so that when people berate you, you can lift an eyebrow like Spock and snidly declare, "obviously you haven't read the literature" [just like Tom Cruise defending Scientology]).

My psycho Scottish friend DID eventually buy a pair of these sandals (I had to convince him...but it was obvious he wanted them. His plan is to wear them around Lima, Peru and be the only guy in South America with those shoes...exclusivity is a big deal in Lima). They cost a smooth $75 which really isn't all that bad, although it's about $55 more than I'd pay for a pair of sandals you have to struggle with for a half hour before you can even get them on.

Frankly, these shoes look like a classic example of "el gimmicko" a product that's going to last exactly 1 summer, sell like hotcakes, and then never be used again...although, what do I know? Perhaps this will be the revolutionary item that changes running forever. Let's wait and see!

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More Fun Improvements to the CyclovaXC web page!

Frank and I have been discussing the organization (or lack thereof) of CyclovaXC for a while, and just when it appeared there was no easy answer, blogger gave us an option called "pages." Actually, this option isn't all that special (it'd be a lot better if you could designate what link was to go with what "page" and not have to put it in manually) but what the heck. Blogger does a pretty good job for a free web page, although I don't understand why, if they're going to do it at all, they don't do it EVEN BETTER...but whatever.

In the image above you can see where the new "pages" widget appears on CyclovaXC. For now, we have 3 "pages" (and I'm not going to put them in quotation marks anymore because it's getting ridiculous), home, ski tech, bike tech. When you click on any one of these, a page appears in the center of the page (it will magically appear right where THIS blog post is in fact...amazing) with a list of all the ski tech, bike tech, etc., articles that we've published. This is useful because we're putting the really good articles (like the wax technique video that every single one of you should watch until you have it memorized) that you want to come back to. Depending on how much this seems to be used or is useful, we'll continue to update it (probably once a month or so...maybe when I send out the Cyclops...we'll see).

So for now, I guess the best thing you can do is go through the articles that we have listed in pages and send us your comments (and maybe some pictures that we can use for headers on these pages).


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