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2011 Pepsi Challenge Classical Start

I took this quick video while I was skiing around on my "warm-up" at the Pepsi Challenge.  I put warm-up in quotations because I really wasn't warming up so much as keeping in motion just to make sure the molecules in my body didn't stop moving. I didn't want to end up in a Megatron situation where I was fell into a cybergenic deep-freeze and stored under the Hoover Dam for several decades.  What I'm trying to say is that it was cold up there in Biwabik.  Awesomely cold like it pretty much always is up there.  The positive thing about that course is that it's the toughest course in the whole Midwest by a wide margin.  In fact, I always forget how tough it is out there at the Pepsi Challenge until I head out there and it utterly destroys me.  That's the race all the real skiers go to.

I'm pretty much thinking that this will be an entire week of Pepsi Challenge praise just because Giant's ridge is THE place to go.  Frank's been talking about doing a top 10 list of why Pepsi is so awesome, but before we get into that, let me just thank John Filander for giving CyclovaXC.com a huge shout out at the start!  Nothing like a man with a microphone singing your praises to lift your spirits at the beginning of a 24 kilometer mega sub zero odyssey!

Here's hoping you all stayed warm this weekend, and managed to recover from your various skiing endeavors while watching the Packers charge into the Super Bowl!

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