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Awesome Retro Ski Boots on Ebay

The other day I was browsing around on ebay and I discovered this awesome pair of retro Salomon boots!  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe these were the first of the SNS Profil line.  I was looking for a pair of boots to destroy while roller-skiing because I still think it's ridiculous to use your best equipment for that, I mean...roller-skiing just HAS to be hard on your equipment.

Isn't it strange though, the feeling of nostalgia you get when you see an old pair of boots like this?  I instantly remember a couple of Birkie posters in which absolutely EVERYBODY was wearing this dayglow monstrosity.  I guess yellow and pastel purple were just the IT colors for the eighties (geeze...are these boots that old?).

Anyway, if you look, you can generally find pretty good equipment like this on ebay for just a couple bucks.  I recently bought a pair of boots like these for my wife (not the ones in the above picture because my wife could get both her feet and an arm into boots of that size...but a smaller pair just like them) and I think I paid around $25.  That's waaaaaay better than what new equipment costs, and even used equipment at play-it-again sports isn't likely to be as cheap.  Seriously, ebay rocks.  It's a great value, and it's a walk down memory lane.  I jump on there just to see what's available...when I'm not busy writing tremendously entertaining CyclovaXC articles that is!

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  1. i think there might have been one model before these