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Bikes Forgotten In Snowbanks

If only bikes could talk...  We found this bike outside the Pizza Luce restaurant in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Photo credit:  Tyler Prahl

Bikes are different things to different people - racing machines, transportation vehicles, something to get exercise on, toys, or even art.  The list could go on and on.

When I saw the a above bike locked to a bike rack encapsulated in a 4 foot snow bank, I thought to myself that this bike had fit into a number of the above categories.

This bike clearly started out its life as a road racing bike.  At some point, the drop bars were removed and flat bars put on - likely for the purposes of commuting.  Judging by the age of the bike, it was used for many years in these capacities. 

That brings us to this snowbank.  It appears that the bike was locked up with the intention of coming back to get it - but that the seat post was stolen off of it.  Maybe the bike was forgotten, or the key for the lock lost - but in any case, it's been locked up encapsulated in this snow bank for the entire winter. 

It looks like snow blowers and shovels bumping into it have bent up both of the wheels, rear derailleur, and other things on this bike.  I'd say this bike best falls into the art category currently, but come spring time, this will definitely be moving on to it's final stage - garbage.  When the city comes through and cleans up everything this Spring, this bike will likely be disposed of.

And so is the life span of this poor cold bike, buried in a snow bank.

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