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Birkebeiner Warrior Torstein Appears at the Landgraf Loppet

I was sitting in the registration vehicle with Emalea, waiting for all our racers to arrive, when all of a sudden Torstein came striding out of the wilderness!  I'm not sure if this was Gale Otterholt or Marv Franson (those were the two selected to be Torstein and Skervald this year), but whoever it was he deserves a massive congratulations for taking his role to heart!

Earlier this year, Frank, Emalea and I had sent in an essay in hopes that we would be selected...and we were sorely disappointed when we weren't!  But after having met the official representative of Torstein, we have to say that the Birkie office made a worthy selection!  I was talking about it on the phone with Frank later, and he said, "I'm not sure I'd be doing early season races dressed up in Viking garb!"...then again, now that we know that's how high the game is elevated, I'm sure we'll be rising to it next year!

Anyway, look for Torsetin and Skervald up and around the Birkie festivities this year, and remember that Torstein made his first appearance at the Landgraf Loppet (it doesn't get more Birkie than that)!

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