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Coldest Temperatures of the Winter Today - a good day to be waxing your skis!

The "high" temps for today aren't going to be very warm in the Midwest.  Photo credit to

This is historically the coldest week of the year for the Midwest, and this year is no exception.  No wonder the Pepsi Challenge is always so cold, always making for an epic adventure through the frozen north tundra of Minnesota!

Upon waking this morning, I saw an air temperature of -22'F outside.  Scanning the weather situation throughout the region, I saw temperatures of -31 in St. Cloud, MN, -18 in Minneapolis, MN, and even -41 in International Falls, MN.

While it is remaining cold throughout the day tomorrow, it is suppose to warm above zero tomorrow.  It may even be above zero when finishers are crossing the line at tomorrow's races!

If you're racing this weekend, today is a great day to organize and strategize your clothing plans for the weekend's races.  Several windproof layers is key.  Click HERE to check out a great post on dressing for cold weather on the Toko Blog

It's also a good day to spend waxing your skis.  Remember, a key to having fast skis in the extreme cold is several repeated layers of a very hard wax (think Fast Wax White, Toko Blue, Swix Blue, Start Green, etc).

Happy waxing!


  1. I know what you mean. It was like 35 this morning. We've even had to turn on the heat.

  2. The world's smallest violin is playing for you Dan :) How do you cope?