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The First Pepsi Challenge in 1985

When Frank and I stumbled into the Biwabik pavilion at 9:57 PM, we were a little concerned that all the volunteers would already have packed it in and be ready to head home (they were scheduled to close at 10).  However, that wasn't the case at all, and the happy people we met there were especially pleased when they noticed "Chippewa Falls" on my registration card (they were fans of Leinenkugels...but who isn't?).

Our impression was that the bitter cold that was predicted for Pepsi, plus the fact that the race had been shortened to a 24 instead of 48 must have kept a few people home.  Incidentally, I'd like to sincerely THANK the race directors for shortening the event.  I was signed up for the 48, and I think I would have crawled out into the woods and buried myself if I'd actually tried to ski it.

Well, as we were hanging around the pavilion getting our registration duties taken care of, our attention was directed to a poster sized print of the first Pepsi challenge that was sitting on one of the tables.  I snapped the above picture of the picture (you aren't supposed to be able to get away with doing that...but the image quality actually turned out pretty good).

The first race was 1985, to put that into perspective, Rambo: First Blood Part II was in theaters.  Oddly, the sequel to Rambo is Rambo III.  A more appropriate title for Rambo III would have been, Rambo II: First Blood Part III...but that's neither here nor there.

How many of you have skis, ski suits, or mustaches like those that appear in the above photo?  Put your hand down Jeff Hostetler.

Awsome...long live the Pepsi Challenge!

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