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Fridtjof Nansen 15 K on Sunday, January 16th in Eau Claire

I should have posted this prior to today but you know how it goes...

Anyway, there's this ski race happening tomorrow that I plan on attending and it'd be great to see a bunch of other CyclovaXC people there.  It's called the Fridtjof Nansen which seems like an appropriate name for a ski race (because it kind of sounds like "freeze your nads off" at least to me).

Oh, in case you're wondering who Fridtjof Nansen is, you can check here.  Apparently he's a Norwegian explorer who did things like ski across Greenland and up to a then record 86 degrees 13 minutes of Northern latitude...just 3+ degrees short of the North pole, how ever far that is!

This weekend's race is going to be another solid bit of training for the Pepsi Challenge which I'm still psyching myself up to go and do.  I'm registered and have a hotel reservation...but if it's looking like it's going to be -20, I'll stay in bed.

The Fridtjof Nansen is right out the back door more or less though, so I'm looking forward to it.  See you there!

Here's the place to go for more race info!

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