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Great Day at the Landgraf Loppet!

Here's David getting ready at the start of the Landgraf Loppet last Saturday.  We had a solid 30 or so people which was a pretty nice turnout for a race that we only started promoting on the previous Thursday.  I think there might have been a few more, but the forecast for the weekend wasn't all that great.

According to my cell phone (which is my primary source for just about any piece of information that goes into my head these days) it was a balmy 2 degrees Fahrenheit the morning of the event.  After the race, as I drove with the Osceola contingent in search of a Subway, the mercury had risen to a tropical 5 degrees...

So that's the type of day it was!

I parked next to David and learned a new trick (you always learn new skiing tricks around that guy).  He had his skis propped up so that the exhaust from his car warmed the bases, sort of like a poor man's hot box.  I'm not sure how much of an effect such a trick would have, but any kind of psychological currency in a 2 degree day is worth its weight in gold.

The Landgraf Loppet was a bring your own bib affair, although they did have a few bibs to hand out to people (Emalea was annoyed to realize that they were HER bibs).  Frankly, I think a few more people would have shown up if we had advertised that David's founder bibs would be used as the race numbers...although they probably give him the same number every year so that would be worthless.  Still, it's the dream of many to go sprinting through the woods with one of those awesome red bibs!

By the time I finished, David and the rest were standing around eating donuts after having gone on a 30 minute warm down ski.  I asked David if he'd won, and he just kind of grunted and said, "Krenz let me win" (check in the dictionary under modesty and you'll find a picture of this guy).  Props to both of them for putting on a fun little training race!

And props to everyone who came out to race or make a donation to the groomer!  I've been hearing from Lindsley lately how much it costs to keep all these marvelous ski trails up and running and all us skiers really do owe a sincere thank you to the people who donate their time and money to keep that corduroy set-up and fast!

Keep an eye out for future Landgraf Loppets!

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