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Hot Chocolate Hits the Spot!

Oh man!

So I've been skiing a lot out at Tower Ridge lately and one of the great things is that there is always Hot Chocolate out there for you after you ski.  There's a little jar that you can put a couple bucks in, or you can bring in a new jar of Swiss Miss, or make whatever kind of contribution you want (some dude brought in a big jar of marshmallows, that was awesome too)!

Actually, I should back up and talk about the $174,000 warming hut that's up there first of all (I think that's the figure...I recall reading that number in a framed article at the tower ridge warming hut).  Having a sweet warming hut at all totally spoils a guy...but that Hot Chocolate really puts you over the top.

These days, I'm pretty much dreaming of the Hot Chocolate for the last 20 or 30 minutes of every ski.  You get into the warming hut all chilled and chattering and there's nothing like a big mug of hot chocolate to restore you back to normal.  I like it so much, that I've been forgoing the other ski trails in the region (that have more kilometers of trails) just because it's getting hard to imagine finishing a ski and NOT having Hot Chocolate at the end.

I suppose I could get around this by buying a thermos and filling it up with Hot Chocolate and sticking it in my gear bag in the morning...but that seems like a lot to remember, especially when the folks at tower ridge have gone to such lengths to provide such a wonderful warming hut and such magnificent Hot Chocolate!


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