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How To Get to Tower Ridge Ski Area

I was going on yesterday about how great the warming hut and the Hot Chocolate is at the Tower Ridge ski area, when it occurred to me that some of you might not know how to get there. Actually, it drove me mad for a couple days when I first moved back to the area because I couldn't remember how to get there myself.

I don't know if you guys are like this, but for me, I have this vague notion of where a million cool places, etc., are, but if you were to ask me to sit down and do something useful like DRAW A MAP as to how to get there, I'd be totally useless. Generally, when I navigate I just get in my car and drive around until I see something that "looks familiar" and then I turn accordingly.

The whole trick to navigating like this is that you can't really pay attention to where you're going. It's sort of like if you're ever riding a horse in the mountains and you get lost, you just let go of the reigns and the horse magically goes back to the stables. It's frickin' AMAZING because the horse NEVER stops and looks around for a moment and says, "hmmmmmm, let's seee....." Nope! S/he just keeps on stumbling along and bobbing his or her head up and down and before you know're back home (well, like 1 time in a thousand you get super lost and eaten by wolves, but trust me when I tell you that the odds are in your favor).

Anyway, here's a map (because fortunately google is capable of doing something useful like drawing a map):
And here's a satellite map you can zoom in on to give you an even BETTER idea!

View Larger Map

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