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A Perfectly Clean Winshield

This is how you know it's going to be a good morning. When you wake up, there's like a foot of snow on the ground, and your windshield is covered with six inches of permafrost!

Back in the old days, I never even owned an ice scraper.  I just used to get up, grab a cassette tape case from my console, and take a couple lazy swipes at the glass before I jumped in and hoped the defroster would take over before I made it to my destination.

Now, of course, those days are long gone and I have this six foot long heated scraper with a laser sight (I just took the above photo to prove a point).  I guess I'm getting soft.  Back when I was in my twenties, I never owned anything heavier than an autumn weight jacket, and even that I never used to zip up.  I never used gloves either, although I'm rarely found without a hat.

Today, I look a bit more like an Eskimo.  I just find that it's worth it to pull on those gloves and button up before I head on outside.  I usually have a cup of coffee in my hand as well.

Oh...and I always make sure to scrape off my windshield.  It's just easier to drive when you can see!

Keep your eyes peeled for a video that Frank and I shot and compiled on our way up to Biwabik, we wanted to post it from the $45 Forest Garden Hotel (or whatever that place was called), but we couldn't hack the code for their free wi-fi!  It'll be up as soon as Frank posts it!

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