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SKI TECH / Wax Tip: Landgraf Loppet

Choosing the wax and skis for a race can be tricky, but ski prep for the Landgraf Loppet will be straight forward!

Quick Note, John Filander up at Giant's Ridge asked us to make this announcement:

The Mesabi East XC race will start at 11AM rather than the scheduled 10AM due to the extreme temps and possible wind chill. It is STILL on with more than 1200 HS racers!

Now, on to the wax tip!

Following is the Cyclova XC Wax tip using the 3 major wax brands of the region. Note that these are not officially endorsed wax tips by the wax companies, rather these are tips that I have personally created based on my 11+ years of professional experience in creating race wax tips.

Event Info:  Landgraf Loppet, Hickory Ridge Ski Trails, near Bloomer, WI.  16k (6k High School) freestyle mass start starting at 10AM
Forecast & Conditions:  Overnight low of about -2'F with a temp of about 5'F at the start.  The snow temp will be very cold.  Expect beautiful machined track conditions with a firm mix of old and new snow.
Ski Flex:  Moderate to Stiff flexed ski for firm conditions
Fast Wax Wax Tip:  HS-10 Teal, Scrape, Brush, HS-10 Teal, Scrape, Brush, HS-0 White, Scrape, Brush
Swix Wax Tip:  CH-4, Scrape, Brush, CH-4, Scrape, Brush, LF-4 / LF-3 mix (1:1 ratio), Scrape, Brush
Toko Wax Tip:  System 3 Blue, Scrape, Brush, LF Moly / LF Blue mix (1:1 ratio) , Scrape, Brush, LF Blue / Cold Powder mix (1:1 ratio), scrape, brush
Pre Race Tip:  A few minutes prior to start and after your skis have been outside in the cold for a while, brush your skis with a fine nylon polishing brush.  This will ensure your skis are flying right from the start!

Have fun and see you out there!

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