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SKI TECH: Wedge Plate for NIS Bindings?

The above video was released by FIS in the past few days, providing a glimpse of a NIS compatible NIS Wedge Plate which is hopefully coming to the market.

The SNS Wedge has been a hugely successful innovation for Salomon in the past year.  Raising the front of the binding in relation to the rear simply helps the ski to squirt out from under your foot quicker and easier, particularly when climbing.  This product has been embraced by both World Cup Athletes and the citizen athlete.

However, the SNS Wedge leaves athletes using the NIS System without any options.  I've been contemplating this over the past few weeks until I stumbled across this very interesting video, showing prototypes of a new NIS Wedge Plate that is fully compatible with NIS skis & bindings.  

It looks like this plate is the length of the front portion of the NIS binding and that the heel plate sits flat on the NIS plate, which is fine of course.

I expect we'll be seeing more and more of these under binding wedges in the future - or even bindings with this type of raised toe angle built into the binding itself

Next on the list of innovations I'd like to see is a cooperation between Rottefella and Salomon to create a NIS compatible Salomon binding or some sort of adapter allowing a Salomon binding to be used on a NIS ski without screwing it on.  Call it a pipe dream, but it would make me and a whole lot of other Nordic skiers very happy!

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