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SKI TRAIL PROFILE: Korkki Nordic Trail

A hand crafted sign welcomes skiers to Korkki Nordic Center!

We're all creatures of habit, so over the past year I've made it a personal goal of mine to get out and check out ski areas that I haven't frequented in the past.  Korkki Nordic Trail, was one of those outings - and I wasn't disappointed!

Following are some basics on Korkki Nordic Trail:
Location:  Between Duluth and Two Harbors, MN.  Take Homestead road north off of the Expressway and then take Korkki Road (Hwy 43) west to the trail on the north side of the road.
Trail Distance:  11k of challenging Classic only trails
Grooming:  Wonderfully groomed with a variety of snowmobile pulled implements
Warming House:  Yes, with a mini Nordic ski history museum inside!

Part of the wonderful mini Nordic museum inside the warming hut.
Upon pulling into the trail parking lot, you'll immediately notice that this isn't your typical ski trail.  There is clearly a tremendous amount of energy, time, and passion that has been put into this place.  The driveway and parking lot were plowed perfectly, numerous buildings perfectly maintained, and am amazing warming house is awaiting you!

Classic trails groomed to perfection are rare, but common at Korkki!
After looking at the trail map, I decided to do the outer loop first, and then ski the loop again to do the cut across segments - so I wouldn't miss anything.  Right from the start, this trail blew my mind.  Perfectly maintained tracks, solid pole plants, amazing North Shore wilderness, and challenging terrain all are there in abundance!

The trails are laid out in a way such that most climbs are skiable in the tracks and the downhills are also all doable in the tracks.  I lost my nerve a few times going down curvy high speed descents, but should have trusted the tracks, as I would have been fine.  Obviously this trail was laid out by a pro!  All in all, this is without question one of the most fun classic trails I have ever skied - and a great place to get a workout!

If you had any doubt as to this place's ethnic heritage, this great sign should eliminate your doubt!
As you are skiing through the narrow classic only trails, in the zen like trance that only a Nordic skier can experience in the wilderness, you'll come across all kinds of great signs like the above one.

Make the trip to Korkki - you'll be glad you did!

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  1. I've skied at Korkki a couple of times when coming back from farther up on the N, Shore. ope to get up there again some time this winter. I agree--it's what classic skiing is all about.