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Sometimes The Adventure Is In Getting To The Ski Race!

XC Skiers brave actic temps, sketchy roads, low visibility, and gas station food to be part of an epic ski race!

This past weekend's Pepsi Challenge was epic in several ways.  The arctic cold, tough course, and solid competition come to mind as a few examples.

While driving up to the small Minnesota Iron Range town called Biwabik, Ben and I were chatting about some of the crazy drives through blizzards we've done - all to get to a ski race or even just for a training ski.  We rattled off a few epic drives through blizzards to places like Marquette, MI, West Yellowstone, MT, Kelowna, BC, and others. 

As we were discussing these past epic drives, big fat snowflakes started falling heavier and heavier as the temperature was plummeting to -20'F.  We jumped at the opportunity to chronicle this drive through the frozen north for all to enjoy.  While this video is a bit "Blair Witch-ish" (especially the simulated crash - don't worry, we didn't crash), I think most people reading this post can relate.

The snowy drive, small towns with funny names, cheap hotel rooms, and Mickey's Donuts are all just as much a part of XC Skiing as a corduroy trail and wax.

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