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Things to Consider When Picking an Effective Wax Box

I'm sure all of you have fought with buying the appropriate container for all your wax supplies.  It's kind of a tricky business since the utensils that you need to put into your wax box are fairly varied and there's really nothing out there that's specifically designed for that purpose.  Well...I take that back...there probably IS some kind of perfect wax box that you can buy from Swix or Toko or somewhere...except that any time you break down and get such a niche product, you end up paying excessively for it.  For that reason, most of us end up resorting to some kind of tackle box that you can get at Farm & Fleet.

The above is the wax box that I've been using for quite some time.  The idea is that it's big enough to contain most of what you're going to need, but small enough so that you can throw it in your car for those weekend waxing/skiing trips.  At first glance, this box might even look a little too big...but don't be fooled, you need that extra space.

In the main box, I have my iron, and my power drill (for roto brushing).  Although I have to say that I haven't been using the drill brush all that much lately.  Frank's got me convinced that you can do a better job with the hand brush, so I've been having at it with my skis (proper waxing is a workout in itself).

I've also got a pretty decent mask in my box for when I'm melting in the fluros.  

Actually, between all the tools and hardware, I don't have all that much room left over for WAX!

I have to admit, though, that the best part of my wax box is cosmetic...that being, the spy vs. spy sticker I have just under the handle.  I don't know where this sticker came from...but I'm glad it's there every time I happen to notice it.  Here's a magnified view since you can hardly see it in the above image:

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