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This is Why I can't Shed those Last 20 Lbs!

So I stumbled to the finish line of the Landgraf Loppet in a time of just over an hour.  Frankly, I was happy enough with that since that's right around 4 minute k's and that course is TOUGH (you never go down at Hickory ridge...you always go up), plus it was COLD and my Start Green wasn't as fast as it should have been (NEVER blame the motor folks).

Anyway, I got into my warm ups and headed over to the fire only to find an enormous, wonderful cardboard box filled with big, massive, huge, juicy delicious donuts.

People...donuts just never taste as good as they do at the end of physical exertion in the midst of a 2 degree day!  Honestly, I wasn't even all that hungry, but I had to gobble down one of those bad boys just for the pure joy of it!

Last year at the Birkie, I made a promise to myself to never again do that race at 220 lbs.  This year, I've been sitting at about 214, which is still too much for any kind of racing.  Let me tell you...hills are BRUTAL when you're carrying extra weight!  If all goes well, I'll be sitting pretty at 199 or so by the time the Birkie rolls around.

But I might just have to request that all race organizers not tempt me with delectable donuts at the end of races.  My will power has never been all that great, and lately, it isn't even as good as it once was!

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